I’m a 22-year-old cinematography MA student at I.L. Caragiale National Film and Theatre University from Bucharest, working with both still and moving image.

I am attracted to fictional narrative projects, but also to commercials and music videos, in which I think you can be extremely creative if you have a story behind them to follow. I believe in the ability of stories to sell products, of stories as a marketing solution. Although the images that characterize me as a director of photography are stylized, shot in saturated colors and in a low key light, I always adapt to clients or directors, and to the requirements of dramaturgy.

I founded a small production company in 2020, called Babel Films, in which I am the administrator.

My short films were in the official selection, nominated and even winners at festivals such as Film in Focus; Bucharest Fashion Film Festival; Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival; ASVOFF, Fashion Film Festival Kyiv; London Fashion Film Festival; Festival International du Film – Music & Cinema Marseille; Barcelona Fashion Film Festival; International Spot Short Films Festival – Beirut, Lebanon; Screen and Story Film Festival; RAYA Online International Short Film Festival.

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