I’m a 24-year-old cinematography graduate from I.L. Caragiale National Film and Theatre University of Bucharest.

I enjoy working on fictional narrative projects, but also on commercials and music videos, in which I think you can be extremely creative if you have a story behind them to follow. My versatility and attention to detail have made me a valuable member of any production team, and I am always eager to take on new challenges and create stunning visual experiences for my clients.

I’m experienced in digital: Arri Cameras (Alexa SXT, Mini LF, Amira), Sony (FX9, FX6, Alpha), Red (Epic Dragon, Komodo), Black Magic (Ursa, Pocket), Canon (C700, C500) and film formats (35mm film stock, 16mm film stock).

I’m extremely attached to warm light and saturated colors and I think these components are the ones that make my shots recognizable. I always have`music in my head when I’m shooting and that gives me the rhythm of the movement. In commercial work, I believe in the ability of stories to sell products, of stories as a marketing solution. 

 Although the images that characterize me as a director of photography are stylized, shot in saturated colors and in a low key light, I always adapt to my clients or directors demands, and to the requirements of dramaturgy.

I founded a small production company in 2020, called Babel Films, which I directly manage.

My short films were in the official selection, nominated and even winners at festivals such as Film in Focus; Bucharest Fashion Film Festival; Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival; ASVOFF, Fashion Film Festival Kyiv; London Fashion Film Festival; Fashion Film Festival Tbilisi; Fashion Film Festival Milano; BOKEH; Berlin Commercial; Berlin Fashion Film Festival; Buenos Aires Fashion Film Festival; Festival International du Film – Music & Cinema Marseille; Barcelona Fashion Film Festival; International Spot Short Films Festival – Beirut, Lebanon; Screen and Story Film Festival; RAYA Online International Short Film Festival, Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival, FFF Amsterdam, Istanbul Fashion Film Festival, Canadian International Fashion Film Festival, The European Independent Film Festival: ECU; Gopo; TIFF, Anonimul.

(full CV on request)

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Copyright ©  2023 Codruța Corocea. All Rights Reserved