Eroine (documentary short film)

Director: Mirela Munteanu/Isabella Szanto Year: 2023  Short documentary film about the entrepreneurial journey and female resilience. Filmed on Sony FX6  

Amnesia (short film – work in progress)

Director: Isabella Szanto Year: 2023 (currently in post-production) X suffers from amnesia as a result of dissociation following a traumatic event. Filmed on Arri Alexa Mini LF, Sony FX6, Sony FX3  

Copilul nostru (short film – work in progress)

Director: Theodor Ioniță Year: 2022 (currently in post-production) Iris, a pregnant girl, is helping her boyfriend Anton resell cars over the country. In the midst of a relationship crisis, he forces himself into her and she finds herself bleeding. The next day, the child miraculously disappears. Filmed on Arri Alexa SXT

Lena (short film) Trailer: Alone in a hotel room, Lena (22 years old) is visited by the man she has a toxic relationship with, Cezar (30 years old). Lena is pregnant but she doesn’t want to keep the child. Cezar, on the other hand, does. Some years after the breakup, while waiting for his now pregnant […]

Cea mai frumoasă zi (short film – work in progress)

After a strange dream, Agata retraces the mountain route that she traveled with her father on his last day of life, remembering the moments they spent together. The beautiful memories are invaded by the harsh ones, and that is when the past and present meet. Director: Ada Gabor Year: 2022 (currently in post-production) Filmed on […]

Alibaba (short film)

Director: Vlad Popa Year: 2022 A grandmother, a mother and her little girl meet at a Arabian restaurant to negotiate the girl’s transfer to a better school. Because they didn’t manage to solve it in the ordinary way, the grandmother calls a friend that works at a prestigious school to find out what are the […]

Veronica Now (fashion film)

DIRECTOR: Gabriel Juduc YEAR: 2021 Veronica is each and every one of us. She is the main focus of this intimate fashion film that uses visual allegory to examine the fracture between who we are and how we’re seen by the people we love. As we embrace new partners, we accommodate their perception of us […]